We solve business problems from the customer’s perspective.


Frame the Problem

Perspective is everything.
We reframe the commercial challenge by considering the issue from the customer’s point of view – to define the intersection between people and profits.

Make Space

Everyone can be creative.
We give people the tools, permission, and environment to play and problem solve.

Build Relationships

Relationships are the source of results. 
We go beyond the transactional to get at the magic ingredient that changes everything – the connections between people.

Look for Possibility

Breakthroughs come from unreasonable requests.
We apply and remove constraints to get at the unsaid deeper human needs that could be better met.

Create Change

Collaboration builds belief.
We bring together agencies, experts, customers and companies to create buy-in for new ideas.



We built the tools that defined a category…

We like to think we know a thing or two about online communities…

We’re the pioneers. When we set out, we defined the customer community category – and we’ve spent the best part of 20 years setting the pace, reinventing the tools & pushing the boundaries.

Communities allow you to access diverse opinions from audiences that matter – at scale, ensuring your end result is relevant to the people they serve. We gather insight on an ongoing basis throughout the development process of a project, helping you to create more relevant products, services, experiences and brands, rooted in deep consumer understanding.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve engaged over 490,000 members in 20 languages, across 92 countries.Last year we collected over 96,000 unique contributions from our members – as written responses, video uploads and photographic moments. Right now, we’re running over 270 online communities & more than 85% of our community eco-systems operate in more than one language, in more than one market.




















We take what’s relevant to customers and use data to ensure it’s relevant to your business

We combine our rich & deep qualitative insights with advanced quantitative data & analytics capabilities, to make sure our insights are statistically valid and concepts & ideas can scale

Our Data and Analytics team gives you the confidence that the deep consumer needs we identify represent a widespread opportunity for your business – so that you feel confident making investment decisions behind it. As we’re evaluating a brand, or benchmarking the customer experience – we could also help you add in a consumer dimension based on our own benchmark consumer study (CQ) which helps clients to measure what matters to consumers.



Our communities exist beyond a platform

We have dedicated teams who specialize in face to face insight, innovation & proposition development methodologies. These teams extend our thinking and our reach beyond the communities & provide means and ways for our clients to experience highly immersive ‘real world’ activities, with our members.

We design large scale co-creation events which bring customers, employees and experts together to develop products, services and/or experiences. They are highly facilitated, dynamic and creative – and as they involve all key audiences at the outset, the final recommendations are adopted by clients faster.

Think of us as an advertising agency, for your insights


Anyone can create insight – but insight without change isn’t valuable. It doesn’t get seen, doesn’t get heard, and doesn’t get acted upon. We know that landing an insight, so that it creates genuine business change, is equally as important as coming up with it in the first place. It’s why we bring creative storytelling capabilities in to every aspect of our work.

By bringing the consumer into the organization in disruptive and interactive ways, we allow clients to experience the consumer first hand. This creates deeper understanding of the consumer need behind any new brand positioning, identity, and experience – thereby driving greater readiness for brand adoption.

The best customer experiences of 2018, according to customers.

We codify the emotional factors of customer experience and show how companies can grow by delivering on these emotional cues.

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