Experiments in Living

Museum of the Home, London
Wednesday, March 29th

1:30 – 5:30pm GMT

Tiny homes, biophilic boosts, sustainable materials, urban micro-farms, intelligent energy, smart circadian lighting, home working, gaming and exercising set-ups, nomadic communities, automatic cat-litter changers, co-living developments…

Intrigued? Then come and be part of an immersive event dedicated to life at home, the way the relationship with our homes is changing, and how this is opening up new opportunities for brands to expand and develop their role in the home. A shift from marker to enabler of success.

We’ll be sharing over 8 months of life at home research. Including how our homes are turning inside-out. That our home is becoming an enabler for success, rather than the marker. And how we need to adapt given we’re now an urban species – And of course, screening our highly anticipated documentary…Dwell.

This event will be a chance to connect with peers in insight, innovation, strategy & branding. And for anyone who’s never been to the Museum of the Home, this is also a fabulous moment to explore how homes & gardens have evolved down the ages, from the 1600s to the present day in London’s vibrant Shoreditch.

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Hear from the experts

Katie McCrory

Life at Home Communications Leader

Stephan Paschalides

Digital Nomad and Founder

What to expect?


A chance to grab a drink, familiarise yourself with Dwell and dive deeper into the research.

Meet the Experts

Find out from the people who brought Dwell to life!

World Premiere

Live screening of the Experiments in living documentary.

Followed by a tour of the Museum of the Home.

Bring Dwell to life

Join us for a workshop where we we will work together to better understand what Dwell means for you.

C Space Arenas

Customer Inspired Futures.

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