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8 Things Brands Need to Know about Millennials and their Health

Healthcare is no longer confined to the traditional channels of the hospital and the doctor’s office. It’s happening in a discussion with a friend over coffee, a Google search in the drugstore, an online community for Paleo dieters, a launch party for a new line of organic cosmetics, or a “detox” afternoon in the middle of the work week. It’s happening 24/7, everywhere and anywhere; even as we sleep, our wearable devices beam REM patterns up to the cloud. For Millennials growing up in this world of “healthcare everywhere,” the traditional healthcare “rules” simply do not apply.

At the same time, younger adults have faced tumultuous conditions over the past decade: unprecedented levels of student debt, a recession marked by extended unemployment, and the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Their generational values, shaped by many of these same events, are directly reflected in their approach to healthcare – one which really does differ from that of older generations. Understanding the unique challenges, needs, and priorities of this cohort are essential, not just for healthcare brands, but — in a broader, more economically competitive health and wellness landscape — for a wide range of companies.

What do these shifts in attitude and behavior mean for brands in healthcare sectors and beyond? How can brands connect with Millennials by embracing and leveraging their unique healthcare mindset?

In this video, Healthcare Without Borders: 8 Things Brands Need to Know about Millennials and their Health, I explore these questions and share key findings from a recent multi-method Communispace study of more than 2,000 consumers. In addition, I discuss:

  • How Millennials feel about the state of healthcare in America today, with a particular focus on their attitudes towards Obamacare, health insurance companies, and health care providers
  • The vast network of channels and resources that Millennials rely on for information, advice, support, and care
  • How Millennials define and maintain their health and wellness, and how their healthcare priorities distinguish them from older generations
  • How personal data tracking and sharing is helping Millennials stay healthy – and how brands can benefit by helping them unlock the value in this data

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