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90 Days to Impact?

90 days. 1 quarter. A season of weather. 3 months. A trimester. In any 90 days with Communispace you’re going to get something special. Something that makes an impact. From the first 90 days to any 90 days thereafter, we are helping some of the most respected businesses on the planet understand their consumers in new ways that lead to new possibilities.

In 90 days:

  • For a leading financial services client we launched a dozen communities of thousands of consumers aligned to their business units to build consumer intuition into their daily decision making
  • For a leading CPG company we built the consumer into their processes of concept development and refinement
  • For a leading pharma company we brought doctors, patients and caregivers together to create shared solutions to problems they each faced
  • For a leading specialty retailer, we created the need-states foundation of their omni-channel strategy

And that’s just some of what we’ve done for just some of our clients in the last 90 days. To see a few more examples, click here.

In any 90 day span what we’ll do with one client and their consumers will look very different from another. While the challenges, organizations and consumers are different for each of our clients, all of our clients benefit from having their most important consumers brought to life within the halls of their companies.

Our clients aren’t just changing how they listen to consumers, but how they are getting their organizations to think differently and act differently. They are taking advantage of the unique relationships we develop with consumers in our communities and inspiring their organizations.

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