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A Kleenex and a Communispace?

I think it’s interesting when clients or members refer to their community as “a Communispace.” For example, when a client says, “Can you help so-and-so access our Communispace?” Or when a member says, “I belong to the XYZ Communispace.”

It is reminiscent of other companies whose names have achieved noun status —Kleenex, Zipper, Velcro—and some that have even been lucky enough to become verbs, ‘googling’ and ‘xeroxing.’ In a similar fashion, “a Communispace” has become shorthand for the unique sui generis experience that is a Communispace community.

What better way to describe this thing, after all? It’s not just a regular old social networking site. It’s not just a survey site. It’s a Communispace! A space…for communicating…with a brand or company.  Nothing else quite like it.

No wonder, then, that people have naturally begun to refer to our communities by the name of our company. There’s just no other word available that succinctly captures it all. When a product is so unique that no words can describe it, it can then begin its lofty ascent into Merriam Webster-dom.

In the meantime, I’m off to see what’s going on in my Communispace…

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