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A Renewed Call for Creativity

In their latest issue, AdAge provides a summary of a UK report stating that award-winning advertising has more effective in-market results because it engages the consumer and creates real buzz for the brand.

The argument about advertising creativity is not new, but it has taken on renewed urgency as creative budgets are slashed and making the sale for any brand is tougher than ever due to the global recession.  The advertising and communication business has been focused on survival, cost-reduction and chasing digital expertise.  At the same time, many clients have been focused on short-term earnings, staff reductions and giving procurement more control in the creative process.  If it wasn’t so destructive it would seem comical.

The results haven’t been pretty.  Recycled campaigns from years ago, advertising that focuses on the pure sell vs. engagement and brand-building and agency firings/changes that make your head spin.

On top of this, creative research is stuck in a time warp.  Focus groups, persuasion-driven copy-testing and quantitative studies suck the life out of creative people—and ultimately the creative product itself.

It’s time for the communication business to take a collective breath, and focus on building brands in new and creative ways.

It’s time to find ways to inspire creative people who are uniquely capable of inspiring consumers.

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