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All in a Day’s Work

It’s funny, I don’t recall being asked if I was an alto or a tenor during my interview at Communispace (quite frankly I wouldn’t know, as I do my best singing in the shower). Yet for the second year in a row, I donned my host suit, grabbed a mic and headed up to our makeshift theatre in our own Fenway Park, where I sang and danced in front of my closest 200 colleagues in the annual Communispace Follies.

Of course, I didn’t go at it alone. From some of our newest employees to our CEO, everyone who wants to get involved is able to play their own part in the show. Maybe they sing their own solo about wanting to be a girl (I will call out Bill Alberti), have a fantastic duet with awkward tension, or even rap about their job.

Beyond the laughs (and sometimes tears), is something that I feel makes Communispace such a unique and fun place to work. In the midst of all that’s going around us in the outside world, we can take a moment to stop, reflect, and laugh at ourselves.

Don’t take my word for it, just peer into the world of the Communispace Follies with this highlight reel. After all, it’s all in a day’s work.

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