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And the Best (Big) Picture Award Goes to…Pepsi

I live for awards season. I love the Golden Globes, honestly believe the SAG Awards really do mean more, and [deep sigh] swoon over the Oscars. It is in the spirit of film awards, that I offer you some 2010 Super Brand Awards:

Best Actor: Domino’s Pizza
I know that the idea to address consumer complaints in ads has been polarizing, but I’ve loved every minute. You’re advertising that you’ve changed; you’re listening to your consumers; you’re advertising that you’re listening. You’re so Meta—the Daniel Day-Lewis of pizza.

Best Supporting Actress: Diapers.com
You’re the new exemplar of online shopping. The selection! The free shipping! You’re the picture of flexibility, versatility, and consistency. You remind me of a young Amazon.com.

Best Director: The International Red Cross
Your “text ‘Haiti’ to 90999” campaign provided individuals an easy and affordable way to help victims of the earthquake. You harnessed the power of social media and of mobile devices to create change. Your work will be copied, but I doubt it could ever be out done.  Mmmmm… the “Avatar” of philanthropy.

Best (Big) Picture: Pepsi
Kudos, Pepsi! When other, less innovative, brands are spending an exorbitant amount to advertise during the Super Bowl, you’ve made a bold move and decided to end your 23-year run as a big game advertiser. Instead you are using $20 million marketing dollars to listen to and better the lives of your customers. You’re the advertising equivalent of De Niro in ‘Raging Bull.’ Bravo!

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