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Are You Treating Your Customers Like a Sustainable Resource?

Usually when you think of sustainability, you think of farming or the environment right? Well it’s really not just about what you eat; sustainability is a concept that is at the heart of how the most innovative companies in all industries are doing business today. It involves thinking about how to make the most of your business using the best of your resources and ensuring those resources are well taken of – that is, treated with respect, thoughtfulness and appreciation – whether those resources are money, time, or customers. And it makes sense that customers are (or should be) one of your company’s most important sustainable resources, particularly given today’s business context.

Communispace is proud to be a 2010 recipient of the ThinkForward™ Award given by the smart folks at Beagle Research. The Beagle Research Group is one of the leading analyst firms focused on customer experience and SocialCRM.  They developed the award to recognize companies that are creating sustainable business support for processes that are, among other things, “more fully engaging customers as full partners in the vendor-customer relationship.”

I think this is a really interesting take on the concept of sustainability in business – customers as a renewable business resource.  According to Beagle Research managing principal, Denis Pombriant: “If you’re in CRM this spells opportunity to re-think some business processes and use social networking to carefully listen to customers as they describe the next important things in their lives…the companies that can best understand existing customer sentiment and unmet needs will be best able to develop products and messages that drive additional sales within their customer bases.”

In explaining why they chose Communispace for this groundbreaking award, Pombriant went on to say: “This pioneer in community driven customer outreach has scores of customer success stories in which companies organized groups of customers to learn about attitudes and unmet needs…Communispace has enabled its clients to zero in on the issues that really matter to their customers at low cost as well as with speed and minimal overhead.” Thanks, Denis! You can read the full report on the Beagle Research website here.

We’d also like to congratulate the other ThinkForward winners: Brainshark, Cloud9 Analytics, iCentera, Kadient, Salesforce.com, Unisfair, and Zuora. We are honored to be in such good company.

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