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Are You Walking the Talk? The C Space Customer-Centricity Diagnostic Quiz

Ten years ago, research from Bain & Company disclosed an alarming gap in how companies view themselves versus how customers see companies. Eighty percent of companies think they are customer-centric, yet only eight percent of their customers agree. And a recent IBM/Econsultancy study reveals that, today, things haven’t improved: four out of five consumers feel that the average brand doesn’t get them as individuals.

Why this massive gap, why isn’t it closing, and – most importantly – does your organization fall within it?

Take our quick, fun diagnostic exercise, Are You Walking the Talk?, to see how your company measures up. When you’re finished, you’ll get your customer-centricity score: a high-level read on how your company thinks about and approaches its relationships with customers.

Above all, we want this quiz to get you thinking differently – about actions you can take to help close the customer-centricity gap, actually walk the talk, and lead your organization to Customer Inspired Growth.

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