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Artificial Intelligence: Consumers, Companies, and Culture

Learning from customers certainly isn’t a new concept – especially not here at C Space. But machines doing this using artificial intelligence? That’s something to talk about. The key players in tech are all racing to develop the most accurate, conversational, and useful Artificial Intelligence products. Advancements, breakthroughs, and acquisitions in the AI space are happening at a rapid rate, but what does that mean for us? Life could get a whole lot easier, but there will certainly be costs that come with the conveniences. Keep reading to learn more about where the development of Artificial Intelligence is at, where it’s going, and what this means for consumers, companies, and culture.

This is the Biggest Battle in Tech Right Now, Time.com

Most of us have actually been using AI based technology for years – through those digital assistants we know as Siri, Cortana, Google Now, and Alexa. While these assistants can complete basic tasks for us, brace yourselves for them to get much more advanced. Tech companies are investing heavily with the goal to make their digital assistants the smartest one out there – meaning not only the most accurate but also the most conversational. Why is this so important? The first company to develop an indispensable digital assistant will compel a huge amount of customers to join their ecosystem of products and services and never leave, and that’s a big win.

Facebook’s Race to Dominate AI, Fast Company

Just because Facebook doesn’t have a digital assistant, don’t rule it out of the AI race. It’s already being used to recognize the faces of your friends in photographs, and curate your newsfeed…and they’re not stopping there. They’ve hired 150 people solely devoted to the development of AI, and just last week unveiled an engine called DeepText that can understand “with near-human accuracy” the content in thousands of posts per second, in 20 different languages.

Artificial Intelligence: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?, US News

Is it worth the risk? It’s estimated that Artificial Intelligence learning applications will generate more than $60 billion worth of productivity improvements for business. While we’re far off from machines that can outsmart or betray humans, critics are already voicing concerns. Machines “will not be moral or legal agents capable of making judgments” …and that comes with serious implications.

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