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Real Consumer Insights Have Arrived in Australia: Webinar

Here at Communispace, we’ve been working really hard to bring companies like Qantas Frequent Flyer, Frucor, Taste Living, and ANZ National Bank (NZ) unique and sometimes surprising or unexpected insights about their customers. Listening to and gaining trust with customers is so critical for companies today, as it informs every aspect of the business.

Last week I, along with Communispace VP of Business Strategy Bill Alberti, presented our first webinar exclusively for Australian marketers and market researchers: Transformed by Customers.

We highlighted how Qantas, Godiva, and Disney, have changed their businesses by inviting their most important customers to get involved. Together, they are creating new products, marketing strategies and ways into customers’ lives – and new paths for growth as a result.

We’ve posted the webinar online and it is available for viewing below.  If you missed it, you can learn how:

  • Godiva, Alli, Qantas Frequent Flyer, and Walt Disney Home Studios Entertainment have all leveraged private, market research online communities to fuel growth, with game changing results.
  • Real people connecting with each other and with brands — in a private, secure environment — can generate trust and loyalty that leads to real co-creation and innovation.

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