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Note to automakers: Cars aren’t just about driving [infographic]

Watch nearly any car commercial and you’ll see SUVs gliding through city streets, sedans drifting and sliding through deserts as they kick up epic sand clouds in their stead, gleaming aerodynamic surfaces slowly revealed by spotlights. Cars – not surprisingly – are sold to drivers.

But when we asked over three-hundred drivers to weigh in on the auto experience and tell us what their dream cars would feature, we noticed a surprising disconnect: drivers equated being in their cars to almost everything but driving, referring to their cars as a “second-home,” “mobile office,” and “outlet box.”

From eating, to sleeping, working, changing diapers, learning languages, and even “having sexy time” (which a surprising number of members reflected on), it’s clear that as far as consumers are concerned, cars aren’t just about driving.

Here’s to automakers acknowledging the car as the new portable home, office, and everything in between:

The Communispace Index is a series of infographics—released bi-monthly—that explores the mindset of consumers around current events and trends. Based on original research conducted in the IdeaSpaces (Communispace’s proprietary online communities), the Communispace Index provides a window into the consumer perspective.

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