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Brand Bowl Tweeting

Like many others, last night I observed a long-standing tradition; I gathered with some of my friends, ate too much food, and watched a bunch of commercials (I mean, the Super Bowl?). However, this year there was something a bit different about the gathering. Instead of merely collecting input from those in the room about why VW’s commercial was adorable or how racy Mini Cooper’s ad was, I found myself turning to Twitter and Facebook to see what my extended social network was saying.

I discovered that my fellow verbatim blogger Elisa agreed that having a car read out my Facebook status is unnecessary (sorry, Chevy) about 30 seconds after the commercial aired.

“Call me old or a wet blanket but I like that the car is @Facebook-less #brandbowl”

Which was followed shortly by another tweet from a fellow Communispacer who had a completely different opinion of the ad: “I’ve decided to buy a car, just for the Facebook updates. #chevy #brandbowl”

While my friends and I debated which part of the National Anthem lyrics Christina Aguilera messed up, Perez Hilton’s twitter feed came to the rescue.

“Watch #ChristinaAguilera forget the lyrics to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl HERE http://bit.ly/dG7NKX

In the midst of a debate on whether or not the Back Eyed Peas halftime show lived up to all the hype, our faithful leader Diane Hessan (@communispaceceo) came to my aid with her tweet “Black Eyed Peas #whatagreatshow” (take that, all of you Black Eyed Peas haters!)

What does this all mean? For one thing, not only are people sharing more of their thoughts and opinions online, but they are doing it at a faster rate than ever before. Instead of waiting for Monday morning’s recap of which commercials were a hit, you can find out what people are thinking before the commercial has even ended.

With such a rapid rate of consumer input, how will marketers take this feedback into account?

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