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Brand Tested, Mom Approved.

May 10th marks the annual memorial for moms – cue flowers, fashion a card. For those of us trying to live lessons the special lady in our lives laid upon us (and in my particular case, several times over) allow me a homage to the infinite wisdom worded by the woman who moved me from womb to walking. Here’s a tribute to universal truths, those little nuggets of knowledge which prove as sound for an individual soul as they do brands.

Use Consequences Instead Of Threats And Anger: A post-it pegged to our refrigerator since before I could read-it, this adage has advice for advertisers attacking consumers with ‘fear based’ branding. Simply put, loyalty lasts when you appeal to higher senses, not base instincts. Will your consumer stay put if calm rather than crazed? My Mom believes so.

Stay Of Service: Commensurate with the crime, Mom always assigned a sentence of “service”, specifically selected to match the degree of the infraction. Slop soda on your sister’s head from a jungle gym and you just signed up as her ‘slave for the day’. Jet Blue took this to heart last Valentine’s Day; coincidence they’ve since climbed back atop the airline A-list? My Mom suggests no.

Ever a Gentleman: The gist of being a gentleman is marked by a single maxim: put the other person first. It’s a simple (yet oft shunned) strategy. It means more than opening a door or walking on the outside of traffic; it demands shifting your perspective to anoint another primary center of attention. Are brands best served by thinking consumer first? My Mom would say give it  a go.

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms minding this post (including my own)!

And finally, some Friday fun. Verbatim goes global May 18th (be sure to stop in); we usher in the forthcoming worldwide view with a ditty determined to define us all as human.

Top of the Friday!

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