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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Breaking Through the Clutter

Every brand wants to capture the attention of their consumers. But in a world where advertising is so embedded in every facet of life, it’s hard to get noticed, and even harder to be remembered. This week we’re talking about how brands can be creative and strategic to break through the clutter.

Royal Caribbean Livestreams Dream Vacation Periscope Feed to NYC Billboards, Fast Company

In a new campaign, Royal Caribbean is live broadcasting the Caribbean adventures of a team of travelers across 76 digital billboards around NYC. The objective of the campaign is to squash the image of the traditional cruise full of buffet lines and pina coladas, and show all of the experiences and adventures Royal Caribbean offers – all while making you jealous in real time!

Bobble’s Fake Water Brand Brilliantly Spoofs Millennial Advertising Clichés, Fast Company

Reusable water bottle brand Bobble is tapping into the commercial cliché s to position Bobble as the smarter, cooler, choice.  The spot features beautiful young people doing all kinds of fun things, all while creating a huge amount of waste throwing plastic water bottles around. The spot aims to make the impact of single-use feel like a fading trend and reveal Bobble as the cool solution, rather than trying to shame consumers with messages about environmental impact.

How James Murdoch Thinks the Ad Industry Should Innovate, Adweek

The CEO of 21st Century Fox wants to empower consumers to choose their ad experience. He discusses the success of Hulu allowing customers to watch a three-minute video from a sponsor and enjoy the rest of the show without ads, or watch with normal breaks. When audiences are “given the empowerment to be introduced as a bidder for their own time and to manage that, it’s a much better experience watching the ad. And you actually end up thanking the sponsor for bringing you an ad-free experience,” Murdoch said.

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