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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Changing the Way We Eat, See, Listen, and Move

It’s 2016. New year, new priorities, new ways of thinking. I’d like this to be the year we stop thinking about “digital” or “social” as a tool (it’s just the way we live). Or “technology” as a device (it’s really about connecting knowledge). Am I dreaming too big?

Understanding customers’ needs and pain points is the first step towards enriching how we approach innovation, regardless of the platform or operating system. The following examples show the changing ways in which technology is solving for pain points in the way we eat, see, listen and move.

The 10 Best Gadgets and New Tech of CES 2016, Paste

Coming off of CES, Paste Magazine talks about some of the best (and weirdest) gadgets at CES this year. One example, the DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner allows you to scan the chemical makeup of food or drink and analyze whether or not it’s something you should eat given your dietary conditions. This has huge implications for people with dietary restrictions or conditions, like Diabetes.

Google Gets Serious, Beefs Up VR Division, Fast Company

Why be in physical reality when you could be anywhere you want? Hard to believe that Google launched its cardboard VR (virtual reality) headsets almost two years ago, but this Fast Company article talks about the huge investment Google is making virtual, our new reality. And this article from last year talks about Facebook making an investment to create a metaverse.

Samsung Strap Turns Your Fingertips Into Earbuds, PSFK

Who needs headphones for a conference call when your own finger and ears can do the trick? Samsung’s Creative Lab unveiled TipTalk at CES. This PSFK article shows how using bones of the body to relay vibrations can allow you to hear.

Yoga Pants, Laced with Tech, Make for a Self-Guided Vinyasa, PSFK

Has your downward dog form got you down? This new clothing line called Nadi is a wearable experiment, a union between fashion and technology. Yoga lovers receive feedback on their form through vibrations, in addition to helping them track progress towards goals through an app.

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