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C Space Inspiration Weekly: China’s Global Branding Problem, Emotional IQ, and Millennial Foodophiles

The beginning of September is a really busy time for us all. Vacations are winding down, kids are going back to school, Labor Day is around the corner … and all we really want to do is slow down, take a break, sip a beer, and veg out. So, whether you’re asking your kids about their first few days of school, relaxing at a BBQ, or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic this holiday weekend … take a few moments to get inspired!

This week’s C Space Inspiration focuses on understanding why Chinese brands have a tough time going global, figuring out the makings of a true leader, and finally understanding why Millennials love posting pictures of food to the internet. We hope these stories whet your appetite for thinking differently…and globally. Enjoy.

Chinese Brands Want to Go Global; Here’s Why It’s Still So Tough, Advertising Age

Let’s start with a little quiz. How many Chinese companies can you name on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list? Chances are you didn’t guess Huawei, the telecom equipment and smartphone maker, or that they’re the only brand that falls within the top 100. So, why is this?

How to Be Emotionally Intelligent, The New York Times

They say a great leader is one who manages things, but leads people. Daniel Goleman, the author of Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence, would no doubt agree with that statement – how that’s done, he argues, is by having the ability to identify and monitor the emotions of yourself and others.

Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Food?, The Atlantic

Seriously … why are we!? Well, in this interview with Eve Thurow she discusses her theory that “in a digital-first era, many people latch onto food as something that engages all of the senses and brings people together in a physical space.” So, what do you think? And, more importantly, when’s dinner?

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