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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Connectivity is the New Horsepower, “Uber” It, and How to Build a Brand With Purpose

What’s in a name?  Sorry Shakespeare, but these days some brands smell a lot sweeter than others.

Companies with strong, recognizable names often take on a life of their own, becoming more than the sum of the products or services they offer. Take Apple for example – when they prepare to launch the latest iPhone, the world watches. And when they say they’re working on a secret car project, the automotive industry sits up and listens. Even though Apple seemingly shouldn’t have credibility in the car space, they’re Apple so we pay attention. It’s enough to make you feel just a little bit more inspired…

Apple and Google Create a Buzz at Frankfurt Motor Show, The New York Times

Forget “horsepower” and “torque.” Today, it’s all about “connectivity.” And who better to usher in an era of connected driving than tech giants Apple and Google? They’re scaring an entire industry into thinking differently to avoid becoming mere “hardware makers.” Perhaps the CEO of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, puts it best: “By the end of this decade we will have transformed all of our new cars into smartphones on wheels.”

Uber is a Verb, Fast Company

Chances are, you’ve probably Googled or Xeroxed something today. But have you Ubered? Uber is the latest company-turned-verb, following in the footsteps of companies like Google, Xerox, FedEx, and only a handful of others. But just because “to Uber” is the verb du jour doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be pulling up the app 10 years from now.

Why Purpose-Driven Companies are Often More Successful, Fast Company

So how do you build a company that can hold its own? This article highlights four differentiating features of successful companies (and, yes, Google is mentioned as one of them).

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