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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Creativity and Passion, Brought to You by Booze, Lady Gaga, and Sarcasm

“I’m just not a creative person.” People say it all the time, but I refuse to believe that it’s true. Creativity comes in so many different forms, from artistic inclinations, to problem solving, to people management. As humans, we are programmed to be creative beings, regardless of how we might perceive ourselves. Oftentimes, it’s purely a matter of finding ways to trigger creativity that we innately possess. Check out the links below for some great inspiration on the topic of creativity!

Four Surprising Factors That Influence Creativity, Fast Company

What do moving abroad, imbibing alcohol, taking a walk around the block, and being politically liberal have in common? Apparently, they’re all factors that help to increase creativity. Some of these may be harder to take immediate action on, but whenever you’re struggling for a creative thought, know that the answer might be waiting for you at the other end of the hallway (assuming you walk there).

Lady Gaga and the Life of Passion, The New York Times

Creativity on its own is great, but creativity combined with passion is where the most incredible ideas, art, and businesses come from. This article, which features a profile on Lady Gaga, talks about people who live lives of passion and what it means to be passionate. “To be passionate is to put yourself in danger.” I would argue that it’s almost impossible to be truly creative without putting yourself in danger – or at the very least, taking a risk. How can your passions fuel creativity?

Sarcasm Linked to Higher Levels of Creativity, Study Finds, HNGN

Well, on a personal level, this is great news. All kidding aside, and with absolutely no sarcasm, how interesting is this? This study shows that sarcasm actually stimulates creative thinking, the generation of ideas, insights, or useful solutions to problems. As the study explains, sarcasm requires the brain to use abstract thinking, which requires creativity. Makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

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