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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Empowered and Engaged Employees

It’s no secret here at C Space that a company’s deep understanding of their customers is immensely helpful for guiding their decisions, which ultimately drives their growth. Well, a fundamental part of understanding your customers’ experience is learning about their interaction with your employees.

A positive interaction with a knowledgeable, empowered, and engaging employee can do wonders for driving positive feelings about a brand and increasing loyalty. This week, get inspired from companies who are actually better serving their customers by putting their employees first.

Apple’s Angela Ahrendts on what it Takes to Make Change Inside a Successful BusinessFast Company

The key to empowering Apple retail employees is making them feel like “executives in the company who are touching the customers with the products that the team took years to build. Somebody has to deliver it to the customer in a wonderful way.”

Stealth Startup Juno Will Take on Uber by Treating Drivers Better, Forbes

Juno aims to set themselves apart from other ride sharing services by   treating drivers right. This starts with limiting their ride commission to only 10% (unlike Uber who has been steadily slashing prices and driving up commissions over the past few years).

Why do so many people go crazy for Wegmans?, Adweek

A cult-like, fanatical following for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Apple is expected…but for a grocery? Customers are going crazy as Wegmans continues to expand and many are attributing the grocery stores’ employees as it’s “secret sauce.” “I wish there was something else I could point to, but we know what it is—it’s our employees,” Wegmans media relations VP Jo Natale told Adweek. “Beyond anything, that’s what people tell us about Wegmans. The stores are beautiful, the selection’s wonderful and the prices are low—but our employees are the point of difference.”

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