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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Lessons From the Music Industry, Mobile Micro-Moments, and a Formula for Change

At 7:00 a.m., my alarm goes off. I reach over, grab my phone, and silence the annoying sound. Eyes half open, I check my email and scan today’s headlines before making my way to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and shower. Every day, my routine looks the same. I’ve thought about getting an earlier start and going for a morning run, but I don’t do it.

Change is hard, but it’s inevitable. Read on to find out about a change that happened, a change that should happen, and a way to get comfortable with change.

3 Creative Marketing Strategies Inspired by the Music Industry’s Collapse, Entrepreneur

The music industry didn’t want to change, but it did. And it learned some lessons along the way that can be applied to all types of companies and industries. “If businesses want to stay ahead, they need to think more like Radiohead and Mellencamp and get creative with their promotional strategies,” like tapping into social-media influencers, product placement, and embracing the podcast as a way to broadcast your message.

CMOs Are Missing Trends In Digital Marketing Micro-Moment By Micro-Moment, Forbes

As traditional advertising takes a backseat to digital, it may be time to change yet again and focus on mobile. This article builds on information gathered by Google that identifies opportunities – what they call “micro-moments” – for marketers to reach consumers via their mobile devices.

A Simple Formula for Changing Our Behavior, Harvard Business Review

Whether change is happening on an industry, company, or personal level, it usually doesn’t feel right at first. People tend to question what is unfamiliar and struggle with whether or not they’ve made the right decision. Read this article and get more comfortable with change.

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