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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Office Space, Why Can’t We Be (Work) Friends?, and Learning the “Why” Behind the “What”

At C Space, we believe in doing great work for our clients. But as researchers, we know that what comes out is only as good as what you put in. And, since the office is where most of what we put in goes down, this week we’re getting inspired by looking inwards at our office spaces, our workplace relationships, and our client credos.

The Next Hot Thing in Cool Office Design, Inc.

With all the time you spend at work, shouldn’t the physical space be comfortable and encourage creativity and productivity? As the days of hot desking fade away, office spaces are becoming more open, more collaborative, and more futuristic. Some even include environmentally sustainable and green features, like sustainable rooftop gardens and atriums. Smart technology is also a must for the office of the future – think “lighting for which you can change the color temperature, so it’s cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.” Kinda makes you never want to WFH ever again, right?

Why Having Friends at Work Is So Important, Fast Company

OK, so you’re productive at work. You spend the majority of your weekly waking hours there. But how many genuine friendships can you honestly say are forged at the workplace? New research shows that, today, Americans are less likely to have friends at work than in the past, but having friends at work is crucial to our happiness. So, go ahead, let your guard down. Open up to that coworker sitting 5 feet to your right. Your productivity and mental health will thank you.

The insight: the most important part of the brief, Medium

One of the key differentiators and defining characteristics of C Space is our obsession with finding the insight behind the observation – the “why” behind the what – for our clients. Edward Boches, Professor of Advertising at Boston University and former Partner, Chief Creative Officer, and Chief Innovation Officer at Mullen, gives some excellent advice – and showcases some equally excellent examples – for brand marketers, advertisers. and creatives to follow when trying to make relevant, resonant connections with their audience. The simplest way to think about it? “Observations and statistics tell us what people say and do. Insights tell us why.

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