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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Phone Use Hypocrisy, Customer-Friendly Phone Bots, and e-HEHEHEs

This week’s dose of C Space inspiration brings you some great news: you actually can get away from your phone – you just might need some extra help. But before you put your phone down, find out if the way you text, email, or status update your laughter is on trend.

When It Comes To Being Rude On Our Phones, We’re All Hypocrites, Fast Company

Your friend isn’t the only one who is on their phone all the time…YOU ARE TOO. It’s become too easy for us to be on our phones constantly, which has led folks to come up with some creative ways to save us from ourselves – clothes that block cell service, a lamp that refuses to work until you hand your phone over, and restaurants who even charge less if you just turn off your phone.

Please Continue to Hold… and Hold… or Text, Facebook Us, Ad Age

How much do you love waiting on hold? Or being asked to press 17 buttons to get to talk to the right human? It turns out that until now, interactive voice-response systems (or, IVR systems) weren’t really designed with the customer in mind – it was all about efficiency. But as many are jumping on the customer-centric bandwagon, IVRs are changing too. Companies are turning to solutions that make this experience better for the customer including call-back options and even integration with social media platforms.


And finally, who doesn’t like a good laugh? Apparently, some expressions of laughter are cooler than others. “Hehe” has hit the ground running and is now the trendiest laughter these days (sorry, “haha”).

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