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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Positive vs. Negative

My mother always tells me to focus on the positives. And not one to disobey my mother, I usually do just that. But it’s undeniable that good often comes from things that originally seem negative.

When it comes to talking about ourselves, it feels a bit against our nature to depict the negatives. Isn’t everyone’s least favorite interview question, “tell us about your weaknesses?” Yet time and time again, we see that acknowledging both the good and bad leads to authenticity, credibility and other things which can only be described as positive. So maybe taking some time to focus on the negatives isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Bernie Sanders at a Crossroads: Attack Hillary Clinton or Stay Positive?, New York Times

Perhaps the most obvious place to see the battle of positive vs. negative waged is among presidential candidates during an election year. Politics aside, the debate about going negative is one that can be applied much more broadly.

Sprint, T-Mobile’s Similar Anti-Verizon Ads Were Not Coordinated, AdAge

In Verizon’s “A better network explained by colorful balls” TV spot, the company emphasizes the positives of their network, and thus the negatives of their competitors. Now, T-Mobile and Sprint are fighting back and possibly getting the last laugh with their own takes on the ad.

5 Ways Successful Brands Win with Millennials on Social Media, Forbes

What tops this latest list about Millennials? Be Transparent. Millennials want to see both the positive and negative sides of a brand in order to piece together a clear picture.

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