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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Storytelling, The Well-Groomed Man and Tampons, Disrupted

This week’s dose of inspiration is all about two topics I love: storytelling and companies with disruptive business models. There’s a reason why C Space has an entire practice area devoted to storytelling and not “data analysis and reporting” – analysis and reporting can be bland, uninspired. Storytelling is human – it’s how we naturally retain and communicate information. In keeping with this week’s theme, I believe that companies with disruptive business models have been successful because they tell a new, yet relatable story – one that’s never been heard before, but one that makes perfect sense to their customers.  

Visual Media Changes How Humans Consumer Information, Adweek

A picture is worth a thousand words – we’ve been saying it for over a hundred years, but it looks like this adage is truer now than ever before. According to this infographic, Visual IQ is on the rise (and subsequently, verbal intelligence is dropping). So what does that mean for how we communicate?

Best Practices: How to Break the Mold with Visual Storytelling, Ad Age

Infographics. Visual storytelling. Data visualization. They’re all the rage right now. But as we at C Space know, visuals alone do not a story make. This article tells us, “If you wish to stand out in the Age of Distinction, you can’t create the visual equivalent of white noise…A lot of visual content has no purpose whatsoever. Some infographics and videos look snazzy, but that doesn’t mean they’re useful, educational, inspiring, entertaining…”

Birchbox’s Strategy for Hooking Men on Grooming Supplies, Fast Company

Long gone are the days of the Metrosexual. It seems now that all Millennial men take pride in how they look (and smell, and feel). Subscription-based Birchbox Man is following in the footsteps of its female counterpart and opening a brick-and-mortar location in 2016. In order to get these guys feeling comfortable while shopping for facial peels, the store will engage them with gadgets, virtual reality, headsets, and alcohol flasks. I’m not a guy, but sign me up! 

Can Lola Do for Tampons What Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club Did for Razors?, Fast Company

For all those ladies out there that hate shopping for tampons, and for all those guys out there that hate buying tampons for their girlfriends and wives, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for. Lola, a brand-new start-up, is doing for tampons what Dollar Shave Club did for razors. Beyond the ease of the subscription-based model, Lola also boasts a product that’s safe and natural.

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