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C Space Inspiration Weekly: Talking, Thinking, Doing

This week we’re talking multi-tasking: how to survive it, how to combat it, and how to embrace it. It turns out that opposing forces in our world – boredom and multi-tasking – can both contribute to our creativity.

Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.The New York Times

Have your family dinners been taken over by Google, too? Long before any of us had smartphones, at least one laptop would be taken out along with the dessert for some fact-checking. Whatever happened to face to face conversation without confirming that we’re right? This weekend, try not to give in to the urge of Googling the question your friend just asked – instead, think about it and give your own answer.

Boredom is not a problem to be solved. It’s the last privilege of a free mind, The Guardian

“Lean into boredom, not your smart phone screen. You’ll learn more about yourself and the world around you than you think.”

Let’s face it, we have a hard time unplugging these days. Even when we aren’t working, we’re still doing something else – watching, reading, doing. It has been ingrained in us from an early age that boredom is not a good thing … but what if it can be? Next time you find yourself feeling bored, ask yourself why it is making you bored – think through it, embrace it, and learn more about yourself.

Multi-tasking: how to survive in the 21st centuryFinancial Times Magazine

“Think long on this, uni-taskers: the people who struggle to filter out the buzz of the world are being reviewed in The New Yorker.

This lengthy article gives you one million and one reasons why multi-tasking is both good and bad, and the many different angles researchers are taking with it. But it’s worth the read to learn more about how people are dealing with the multi-tasking world we live in. Some are fighting back with technology like the Hemingwrite, a writing tool that only lets you do one thing, while others have discovered that multi-tasking can make you more creative.

What’s the take-away? Try a little bit of everything – embrace multi-tasking … sometimes. Don’t let it take away from how you experience the world – let it add to it.

Goya Celebrates Hilarious Heroes of Home-Cooking in Campaign Aimed at Amateur ChefsAd Age

Are you an amateur chef? Or more importantly, do you like to laugh? Take 46 seconds of your day to watch this encouraging ad from Goya. Then go cook something delicious.

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