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C Space Inspiration Weekly: The Benefits of Mindlessness, Debunking a Tech Stereotype, and Innovation Project Break-Up Advice

This week’s C Space Inspiration is a science and innovation-themed edition that will challenge you to think differently about a host of things – from how you approach your work to how you feel about that 3 p.m. zone-out session looming on the horizon.

How to Break Up with an Innovation ProjectHarvard Business Review

Breaking up is never easy, but at work as well as in life, sometimes it needs to be done. We’ve all been there – regardless of whether it was on a larger scale innovation project or just that one slide in a report that we’re in love with but just isn’t working. The article explains, “It can be hard for teams working on ideas to view the situation objectively. In the fog of innovation, data are rarely crystal clear.” So remember: take an outsider’s opinion to heart, even when it’s not the easiest feedback to hear.

#ilooklikeanengineer wants to challenge your ideas about who can work in techThe Washington Post

Isis Wenger is challenging stereotypes in a big way. When a recruiting ad for her company that featured a photo of her started going viral and spawning a lot of negative backlash about the “unrealistic image of an engineer” it portrayed, Isis took the opportunity to make a statement about stereotypes in the tech community. While this is in itself an inspiring message, it also serves as a good reminder that, as marketers, we need to be careful not to perpetuate a stereotype when thinking about our consumers, especially in the fields of technology and innovation.

Why Zoning Out Is Good For YouDesign Taxi/New York Magazine

New York Magazine has created a new video for its ‘The Science of Us’ series to show us the benefits of zoning out. When our minds wander, they are pulled towards unresolved issues, and future goals. It is during times like these, when we are disconnected from distractions that our mind allows creativity to happen. It’s Friday – go ahead and let your mind wander for a minute. Science says you should.

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