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C Space Inspiration Weekly: The Future is Here

As we approach the new year, I thought it was time to break the news: the future is here. If you need proof, look no further…you’ve come to the right place.

A.I. (ar·ti·fi·cial in·tel·li·gence), noun.: a movie from 2001 starring Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law about a highly advanced robotic boy who longs to become “real”

A.I. (ar·ti·fi·cial in·tel·li·gence), noun: an actual thing that is happening today

This week, we’ll be getting our inspiration from some highly advanced robots. Don’t worry though – if this is starting to make you nervous, make sure to watch Google’s 2015 search compilation. It’s sure to restore your faith in humanity (and humans…not robots).

Meet Walk-Man, The Emergency Response Robot, Huffington Post

Walk-Man is a robot designed to fit in a world built for humans. He can operate tools and interact with his environment in the same way a person does, but just you wait…the team is working on algorithms that will give him the cognitive ability to reach out to support himself while walking over rough terrain.

Robotic Coffee Brewers, Trend Hunter

This robotic coffee brewer can make drinks for up to five customers at a time. The machine was built by an engineer who also spent time working on robotic parts for the Mars rover, so you know this thing is the real deal. One of these machines can be found at the Chelsea location of Café Grumpy in NYC, so if any of you New Yorkers find yourselves there, please report back on the coffee robot.

Say What? Scientists Devise an Algorithm That Detects Sarcasm Better Than Humans Can, UC Berkeley

We humans think we’re good at reading people, but apparently we’re due for a reality check. For years, data scientists have been trying to develop algorithms that can automatically detect sarcasm, and one least one study indicates that computers showed an accuracy rate of 75% – notably better than how humans tested. And more recently, by adding context for computers, that accuracy rate has increased to 85%.

Google – Year In Search 2015

In 2015, the questions we asked revealed who we are. Definitely worth a watch. Warning: you may need tissues.

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