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C Space Inspiration Weekly: The Honest Future of Advertising, How Japanese Etiquette Inspires Good UX Design, and Sharing Ad Revenue with Customers

For as much as we live and breathe consumer truths and mindsets at C Space, I find it can be an interesting (and helpful) exercise to step back, point to yourself, and realize, “Me. I’m a consumer, too.” With that in mind, check out this week’s inspirational picks, and consider the ways it may resonate with you and the work you do every day.

Honesty is the future of advertising, Digiday

Keith Rivers argues why brands should stop selling products, and focus instead on truth, ideas, and feelings (e.g., Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign). How to do it? Engage and empathize with human beings. We know a thing or two about that. We like where your head is at, Mr. Rivers.

What Japanese Etiquette Can Tell Us About Good UX Design, Fast Company

A lot, apparently. Find out how traditional Japanese hospitality (motenashi) may be the way to go when it comes to designing smart, interactive experiences, and especially as we navigate and improve upon today’s “human-machine” interactions. How can technology continue to anticipate our needs, yet keep the creep-factor at bay?

Viewing Ads Could Lead to Discounts, Adweek

All eyes are on Jet.com, an e-commerce site that poses as the biggest potential threat to Amazon and other online retailers. Having launched a few days ago, Jet plans to turn advertising revenue into further consumer savings and discounts. According to CEO Marc Lore, “It’s a really unique relationship with the consumer, looking to save wherever you can.” Time will tell if this tactic and transparency pays off.

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