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C Space Inspiration Weekly: The Perils of Algorithm-Based Marketing, Fitbit’s Uphill Hardware Battle, and More

At C Space, we are big inspiration believers. We see firsthand how customers can inspire a product innovation team to solve a hidden customer problem or inspire a creative team to conceptualize their next holiday ad campaign. Inspiration opens our awareness of new possibilities.

That’s why our teams share with each other what’s inspiring them now. Sharing informs the way we work together, and influences the work we do for our clients. Plus, it usually gives us something enjoyable to read while we commute to work.

I hope you enjoy this first edition of our ongoing weekly inspiration series. Here are a few articles that got us excited this week:

The Perils of Algorithm-Based Marketing, Harvard Business Review

Marketers should be looking for ways to inject humanity into customer reach out efforts beyond algorithms. HBR provides some great principles for interacting digitally with customers in a way that embraces people as they are, as people. Knowing the context behind someone’s choices by providing tailored offers, creating a marketing plan that allows for human-like unpredictability, and encouraging human-connection at key customer decision and experience points are all important parts of a successful marketing plan.

Will Fitbit Go the Way of the Palm Pilot?, The New Yorker

Fitbit went public today and this interesting article hypothesizes whether the device will be able to hold its own against other wearable competitors like the Apple Watch. “Companies like GoPro and Fitbit…might have the best chance at staying in business if they think of themselves not as hardware companies, but as providers of services that let people manage and share their content.”

American Innovation Lies on Weak Foundation, New York Times

An interesting read about the scientific vs. corporate side of innovation in America. Ashish Arora of Duke’s Biz School says, companies are “moving away from the R and toward the D,” because corporate executives’ compensation is tied overwhelmingly to short-term gains in the market value of their companies.

Who’s your Daddy?, Young & Rubicam

Just in time for Father’s Day, Y&R releases a study on today’s Dad. Did you know that 80% of Millennial dads are the primary grocery shoppers? Do you know what #dadurday is?! Check out some of these fun tidbits & stats (…and moms, see if you agree with their POV…).

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