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C Space Inspiration Weekly: The Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. As our Shanghai office slowly empties and people return home to see their families, I took a quick tour to hear what people think the Year of the Monkey will bring:

“I think people will have more babies! Last year was not a great year for having children.” –Maggie Xing

“I think the currency situation here is going to improve…the government is working to create a more global currency.” –Michael Lin

A new year is both a time to reflect on the past and a time to look forward to the future. In this week’s inspiration, I explore how Chinese culture is evolving, and what’s in store for the future of China?

China’s mobile users hit 1.3 billion in 2015Chinadaily.com.cn

WeChat is 5 years old. Here’s how it’s grownTechin Aisia

China’s mobile users hit 1.3 billion! Not only that, but close to 30% of those users are 4G subscribers. And what are they doing on their phones? Using WeChat of course. In 5 short years, WeChat has grown from a messaging service to an eCommerce and mobile payment app. China is now fully geared towards mobile and continued expansion is expected into 2020.

Lack of pediatricians in the time of two-child policyChina.org.cn

Traditionally, the Sheep/Goat year is not a viewed as an auspicious year to have children. Tradition dictates that those born during this year will have a tough life. Many wait until the Monkey year to have children. In addition, the lifting of the one-child policy might be another reason that more babies are born this year. That is, if the number of pediatricians can accommodate all the expectant mothers in smaller cities and rural areas.

China hits a bump, or two, on road to an internationalized yuan, Chicago Tribune

Despite slowing GDP growth, and worries in the short term about capital flight, the overall hope is that the government will continue on its promise of stability and internationalizing the Chinese Yuan.

Wishing you all a great Year of the Monkey!


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