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C Space: Our Promise of Customer Inspired Growth

“It’s clear that our world has changed and our consumers have changed. But our company has not changed enough.”

– John Cahill, chairman and chief executive of Kraft Foods Group

This quote embodies the pressure many companies are under in today’s intensely competitive and increasingly chaotic business environment. Customers have more choice and more power than ever. Innovations, when we achieve them, are rapidly adopted and commoditized. The outside world changes faster than businesses can.

But, there are opportunities for companies willing to embrace this change. Opportunities to bring customers into the business, across functions and at every level. But, this goes against traditional business thinking, where customers have remained on the outside as anonymous respondents or abstract data points.

In reality, customers should be a company’s most vital investment. And biggest competitive advantage. Partnering with customers enables organizations to move faster, in a more differentiated way, with the knowledge that customers are supporting business decisions at every step.

As such, to better serve our clients – some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands – we are committed to a new promise: Customer Inspired Growth. This captures the essence of what we have always believed: customers are the untapped creative force helping organizations make better decisions and change faster.

We’ve made some advancements to deliver on this promise. We have expanded and strengthened our capabilities, with a larger business consulting team dedicated to helping companies grow. We’ve also enhanced our global innovation team, building on the success of our Promise acquisition two years ago. Our storytelling and creative services teams have been broadened to help organizations create impact internally and in the marketplace. Our growing team in China (70 people today) is helping multinational companies unlock growth through a deeper understanding of Chinese customers and their fast-changing needs.

To express the value of what we deliver and how we’ve progressed, we’ve changed our name to C Space and introduced a new visual identity. The “C” represents the customer, and the “Space” is where we collaborate – through ongoing online communities, in-person events, and other unique collaboration methods – to help our clients get closer to the people they serve and truly achieve Customer Inspired Growth.

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