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Casual Fridays

Believe it or not, Casual Fridays here at Communispace are actually pretty tame. Most C-Spacers don’t stray from the attire they wear every other day of the week. In fact, I don’t think we even have an official policy for Casual Friday; it’s certainly not in our employee handbook.

Maybe that’s because we’re trying to avoid situations like Meredith from “The Office” …

Or maybe it’s because Communispace doesn’t have an official dress code.

OK, so it’s definitely the latter, and, boy, is it nice. Yup, that’s right. I’m bragging about our “be yourself” dress policy. From sandals in the summer to thermals in the winter and jeans whenever, I get to wear what’s comfortable, not what’s required.

Here’s a photo of a few C-Spacers being themselves:

The benefits are threefold. I save money and time from not having to buy an additional wardrobe just for work or pay for weekly dry cleaning. I feel more relaxed at work because I wear clothes that are comfortable. And lastly, my professionalism is judged by my attitude and work ethic, not by the clothes I wear. That said, if a client is visiting the office or we have a special event, I will don what some may consider more business-appropriate garb. However, those occasions, like Casual Fridays for many businesses, are the exception, not the rule.

Critics of a relaxed dress code call it unprofessional and suggest that it has a negative impact onĀ  employees’ work ethic and seriousness. These claims couldn’t be farther from the truth at Communispace. Our passion for and commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence to our clients has nothing to do with what we wear. It has everything to do with who we are. And despite the fact that we don’t wear a suit to work every day – or even “business casual” – we are still very serious about our work and very serious about our clients. We just happen to be more comfortable during the day and saving money in the meantime.

Here’s my question to businesses that have a strict dress code:

Are you really getting more from your employees by dictating their attire?

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