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Checking Out New Ways to “Check In”: SCVNGR

Between FourSquare, Facebook Places, SCVNGR (…the list goes on) my “Checking In” behavior on location-based media (LBM) has me feeling a bit scattered lately. I had to try them all out, but let’s be honest – keeping track of several email accounts leaves me with enough to do – there really isn’t a reason for me to be “checking in” through three different apps!

For those of you still rocking the flip phone as a vintage accessory and claiming, “I don’t want to be accessed at any given moment. I like my freedom” LBM is the ultimate form of “tracking you down” – down to your exact geo-location.

I’ve tried them all, but each offers a different solution.

  • FourSquare: When I check in to different places, FourSquare allows me to earn badges and ‘mayor’ status, which often translate to special honorary promotions. It also provides geo-targeted “nearby offers” that makes a bargain hunter like me quite happy. However, I only have a small group of friends that also use FourSquare; I’m not able to access my entire social network and am not able to check-in with others I’m with.
  • Facebook Places: While Facebook Places allows me to check in with my friends and publishes my location status to my entire Facebook social network, it doesn’t offer the great deals that FourSquare provides (or at least … yet). I want more than just updating my status with a location and tagging my friends – I want to save some money!
  • SCVNGR: The latest of my location-based media application downloads, SCVNGR, integrates Bump Technologies to allow for easy check-in with multiple people. It positions itself more as a social game – allowing both consumers and companies to design their own challenges at different check-in locations. After conquering these challenges, I can earn points and badges which translate into deals. Finally, it allows me to easily publish my check-ins to both my Facebook and Twitter social networks. The only downfall I see so far is that I’m not always going to be in the mood to be snapping a photo of where I am or doing an intense challenge to earn lots of points.

Dilemmas, dilemmas … which location-based media app to use?! I feel like SCVNGR brings together the best of both worlds, but would love some advice from other users.

For consumers:

  • What is your location-based media of choice, if any, and why?
  • Do you dabble in several or do you stick to just one?

And for marketers using location-based media:

  • Which types of location-based media are you using for your brand?
  • Where have you seen the most success and why?

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