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Chicken Little The Sky Is NOT Falling.

Sharpen your pitchfork, there’s a Populist party forming. This particular uprising, which actually features more Peace than pistols, is a natural (or inevitable, still not sure which) backlash for the notorious negativity flooding the news of late.

The economy is in peril. We get it.

But it appears audiences from coast-to-coast are crying ‘Uncle’. NPR answered copious calls from listeners for a break from the bleak, the bad, and the banking with their introduction of a ‘No Gloom, No Doom’ segment, now a regular feature of All Things Considered.

Meanwhile, Brian Williams and the cast of NBC Nightly News followed suit, dedicating a weekly segment to spotlighting individuals who have shown “random or regular acts of kindness in a cruel economy.

Would either news outlet have shrugged off their shroud of sad had their audiences not raised their collective voice? We’ll never know, but kudos to both for pushing Armageddon aside in favor of focusing, however briefly, on the brighter side of life. Power to the positive.

Those of you new to the Friday Song, welcome. This guarantees no matter how your week started, it finishes in fine fashion. While genres and artists change weekly, hopefully the positive impact on your mood stays the same.

So with that, we kick off April with some childlike enthusiasm. Enjoy!

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