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Come Out and Play

If you’re wondering if the title of this blog post is referencing The Offspring’s 1994 hit, “Come Out and Play,” the answer is, “yes.” To be clear though, that applies only to the lyrics referring to “getting outside” and “playing.” The rest of the lyrics, which seem to take a darker and shoot-people-go-to-jail spin, are definitely not where I want to take this post – maybe next week.

Anyhow, I was reminded of something last week when I was foraging (a.k.a. scavenger hunting) with a few of my fellow CSpacers at the annual Quest for Innovation event. While the purpose of the event is to bring together Boston-area startups and entrepreneurs for an afternoon of innovation and networking, the best part for me was enjoying some quality non-work-related time with my colleagues. Besides the fact that we were parading around Kendall Square in Safari Hats and fake mustaches (see photo below), it was freakin’ awesome to chat and shoot the *bleep* with friends. (Did you catch that? No, not my fake use of swears – the fact that I used “friends,” not “coworkers.”) And that, my friends, is why all companies should be doing activities like this more often.

One of the benefits I’ve enjoyed most about working at Communispace is all the opportunities we create to connect with coworkers outside the office. From kickball teams to golf outings, Thirsty Thursdays, and so much more, part of the culture here is about developing friendships with the people you work with. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard, very hard in fact – ask any of our clients – but we’ve also figured out how to add fun to our formula. So consider this your call to action to Come Out and Play with your colleagues/soon to be friends.


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