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Lovely, Shiny, and New: The Top 5 Problems with Communispace’s New Digs in the Innovation District

5. Our views make me want to stare out the window all day like Jack Donaghy.
Good god, Lemon.

 4. Lego Man has started feeling way too at home
He appeared suddenly and mysteriously (even @Lego_Group claimed to not know where he came from). If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you’ve seen the baffling footage and sometimes harrowing images.

But in recent weeks, he’s mellowed. With research rigor, a keen strategic focus, and an eye toward innovation, Lego Man has risen to the upper echelons of the Communispace inner circle. The team doesn’t seem to mind that he rules with an iron – ermm – plastic … fist.

3. Free, unlimited Starbucks hot chocolate
Equal parts blessing and curse, the inconspicuous Starbucks machine propped across from a multitude of snack and coffee machines tirelessly offers up free cocoa, begging the question “Why drink water when I can just subsist on liquid chocolate?”

2. Its treacherous out here
Since moving into the Innovation District, new friends (or … enemies?) like Space with a Soul and PixelMEDIA have challenged us to everything from RockBand battles to “No, we’re the best place to work” duels. Danger is everywhere.

1. Siri crashes when I ask her for nearby lunch options
Two weeks ago, our options for lunch were Panera, or… well, that was about it. Now, at 12pm everyday three-hundred and fifty people are simultaneously paralyzed by choice. We can get our Chilean sandwich fill at Chacarero, scarf down a lobster roll at James Hook & Co., or get a lunch box at Sportello. Siri can’t deal either – with my iPhone 4S reduced to a sputtering, frozen heap when I ask her to list restaurants nearby. Man up, Siri. Four thousand grown-up restaurants really aren’t that much.

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