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Communispace rocks a new tradition

Last Friday, Communispace’s Boston office hosted its second ever live, in-office concert called Communijam. Communijam was an idea proposed to give Communispacer’s the opportunity to get together and make great music then perform it in front of the whole organization. If there is one thing you can find a lot of in this office aside from creative genius and an abundance of energy, it’s musical talent. We’re not just talking “I own Guitar Hero” talent here, we’re talking, “Yeah, I’m in a band, we have a show in Cambridge tonight” talent.

Our Communijam band was formed of employees across all departments, including our very own CFO, Gary Arena and CEO, Diane Hessan. We had singers, drummers, guitarists, and even a guy that plays a Hammond B-3 organ (how cool is that?). We collaboratively generated a set list with everything from AC/DC to Barry Manilow, and rehearsed late into the night several times. For those of us not already in a band, we finally felt like our dreams were coming true.

After hours of schlepping instruments, doing sound checks, and perfecting our musical masterpieces, it was finally show time. Our hope was that up to 100 of our fellow Communispacers would show up and act mildly amused by our efforts while they sipped on a free beer. Boy, were we wrong. By the middle of the show our Boston office was cheering, singing along, holding up signs, and waving fake lighters in the air. It was a sight to be seen. Not only did I have an absolute blast, but by the end of the show I was once again reminded that I work for the coolest company in the world.

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t include some footage of our epic performance in this post. So, please enjoy the videos below for a sample of the sheer brilliance that is Communispace’s newest and greatest tradition, Communijam.



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