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Communispace Shenanigans

When roaming down the hallways of Communispace, you can tell one thing is for sure – there is no lack of imagination. In an environment of work hard, play hard, C-Spacers certainly know how to liven up their day-to-day routine. And why should our clients care about our carefree ways? Because creativity and collaboration breed in an environment where thinking out loud and expressing our crazy ideas are openly invited and encouraged.

So for a Fun Friday post, let’s forget about the zany ideas we bring to the research table and focus on the fun ones that make our walks down the hall, ones filled with smiles.

What happens when now marketing professionals born in the 80’s and their love of teen singer superstars collide? A romance between Justin Beebs and Mr. Potato head of course! This was an inter-office relationship just waiting to happen, beginning over drinks at the annual Christmas Party. And despite their generational differences, Beebs has shown Mr. Potato Head the ropes of social media marketing and Mr. Potato head has been able to keep Beebs grounded in his fame. Their romantic adventures and Beebs sightings can be followed on Facebook.

We do a lot of writing here at Communispace – which can sometimes translate into a lot of sitting. So what happens when your $1 yard sale “steal of a deal” ergonomic chair just doesn’t want to hold up to its job? It obviously turns into an animated creature/human with distinct emotions. “Dennis Ballchair” is a bit of a grump, but the Idea Group tries desperately to get him to smile. New digs, flowers … anything to make Dennis happy.

And if there is one row at C-Space that takes the cake for their creativity, it’s definitely what Julia Shew was told by her reporting manager was the “fun row” on her first day of work. And has the row lived up to her dreams? If gummy bears and chocolate chip pancakes = fun, then yes.

Jani Fraga, Steve Masterson, Chris Weston, Sara Pollock, Liz Michaud, Jess Paladino and Julia give “spicing up the work day” an entirely new meaning. Whether it’s making Oreo pancakes at their desks, celebrating the holidays with an ugly sweater day contest, organizing after-work ‘fun runs’ around the Charles or just the everyday signs to show colleagues you care (a.k.a. explosions of decorations or gummy bear covered desks), there is always something crazy going on in this row.

And finally, C-spacers are always “on top” of the latest trend.

That’s right. When this article came out on Wednesday, saying that “owling” is the new “planking,” leave it to no other than Brad Mampe to be the first to try. And “owling” on a vending machine no less. Just one of the many crazy things you might pass by in the halls of Communispace…

Happy Fun Friday!

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