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Community Co-Creation: Making the Front End of Innovation less “Fuzzy”

The term co-creation is so hot right now. I think it really caught on when Vitamin Water and Mountain Dew had their Facebook fans develop new flavors for the beverage behemoths. However, new product developers are tasked with more than coming up with new flavors, packaging and names for line extensions. They’re pressured to produce the elusive “breakthrough innovation”—that altogether new product that will change the game.

For them, using a less campaign-based approach to co-creation—one that involves consumers in the front end of the innovation process, where exploration and ideation take place—is more appropriate. However, asking consumers for their new product ideas is tricky and can leave researchers grousing, “We’ve already thought of that!” and “That would be impossible!”

In our private online communities we use an Informed Ideation approach to generating unique and actionable ideas from consumers. To illustrate this methodology we recently published this whitepaper. You can also click here to read our recent post on Mashable.

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