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Companies Take a Stance

In our polarizing political climate, companies are no longer hiding behind neutrality. As they actively express their stance on important issues, a clear message is sent to today’s conscientious consumer:  “our brand either aligns with your values, or it doesn’t.” And now, more than ever, through purchases, posts, and petitions, consumers are empowered to express either their support or opposition for the companies they love – or hate.

Why Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants, New York Times

Tech giants in Silicon Valley have banded together to express their opposition to Trump’s immigration ban. Why? Silicon Valley is currently a magnet that attracts the best and brightest from around the world, but under Trump’s leadership the immigrant-friendly dynamic could change. Without immigrant leadership in SV, they’re threatened to lose global thinkers and the outside fresh perspective that leads to new ideas.

Nordstrom Drops Ivanka Trumps Products, Trump Tweets Unfair, Forbes

Nordstrom stopped selling Ivanka Trump’s product line last week, and other companies like HSN, Jet.com, and ShopStyle are following suit. Nordstrom attributes the decision to declining sales, which may speak to the power of consumers’ rallying behind  #GrabYourWallet’s motion to boycott companies that carry Trump branded products or support him politically.

Starbucks Faces Boycott After Pledging to Hire Refugees, Fortune

Starbucks CEO Shultz has never shied away from speaking his mind on divisive topics – and the current immigration ban is no different. Following Trump’s announcement, Shultz pledged to hire 10,000 refugees in the coming years. Trump supporters immediately reacted by pledging to stop supporting Starbucks with their business, and the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks started trending on Facebook and Twitter

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