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Connecting with Connected Consumers: Webinar

With the extreme adoption rates of Smartphones and the growing number of tablet owners, marketers and market researchers are faced with the challenge of connecting to a new brand of consumer. Understanding how these consumers think, act and consume information is critical to fostering successful interactions.

At Communispace, we realized that the traditional techniques for engagement no longer applied and to reach this new cohort we had to meet them on their level. Through research conducted in our IdeaSpace communities, we pushed these consumers to remove the veil and give us a peak into their lifestyles and motivations. You can find the insights from this project in the Connecting with Connected Consumers paper on our website.

This past Wednesday, Julie Wittes Schlack, SVP of Innovation and Design and Katie Adams, Senior Consultant in the Idea Group, presented a webinar on the key findings from the paper. Specifically, they discussed:

  • When, where and how mobile consumers are interested in engaging with brands.
  • Opportunities and best practices for market researchers to reach consumers using mobile technologies.

We recorded the webinar and it is available for viewing below. Watch to learn how you can stay ahead of the curve with your connected consumers.

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