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Consumer Collaboration Roundup: The Customer Journey Myth, Disney’s Customer Experience Strategy and More

At Communispace, we constantly monitor how organizations collaborate with consumers to grow their businesses. In an effort to keep you informed on the latest trends and best practices in consumer collaboration, we’re launching this “Consumer Collaboration Roundup” series. Every week we’ll pull together some of the most exciting stories in easy and digestible format for you to enjoy!

Meet the New Boss and His Take on Your Strategy
By: Christine Crandell, Forbes
Leaders are starting to let go of the myth they are in control of the customer journey as organizations get comfortable with buyers calling the shots.

Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience
By: Lauren Simonds, TIME
Take a page out of Disney’s employee training playbook to see how creative management can lead to fully engaged employees dedicated to pleasing customers. … By focusing on people and not numbers, the company doesn’t lose sight of the human element.

Checking In after Checkout
By: Julie Weed, The New York Times
See how the hospitality industry is finding the right balance between surveying their customers without bothering them, and using survey feedback to increase their bottom line.

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