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Fast-track consumer collaboration: Combining online and offline tools to co-create a communications platform in 48 hours

They say we’re living our lives faster than ever before. We Google on-the-go, catch up over coffee and socialize on our smartphones, often at the same time. We’re turning into a world made up of people with multiple identities online and offline, and frankly, we’re heading into the future at what sometimes seems like warp speed!

This is a story that mirrors this trend, about how we developed a marketing communications platform using our finest online and offline tools. It stars a leading FMCG brand (we can’t mention their name, unfortunately) for whom we packed the best of all of our co-creation tools into what may well prove to be the fastest development of a communications platform ever to grace the online and offline consumer collaboration worlds.

Our challenge was to find a compelling communications platform that would work for all of our client’s agencies, and for which all the agencies felt equal ownership. So how did we do it?

Day 1: Offline building and development

We teamed the agency folks with consumers (recruited from our client’s own ongoing community) for a morning of co-creativity. Inspiring stimuli helped stretch our thinking and gamify the (sometimes) arduous process of platform development. After lunch, we waved goodbye to our enthusiastic co-creators from the community and spent the afternoon defining our first-draft communication platforms.

Overnight: Online assessment and improvement

The community was primed and ready — we had 300 of our client’s target audience engaged and enthused — waiting for the draft platforms. With a strict window of time for making their voices heard, there was real buzz as the platforms were assessed and improved upon by consumers across the U.K.

Day 2: Offline refining and finalization

Back in the all-agency workshop, we shared the community’s input about platforms. The power of bringing the consumer voice into the room was key to the effectiveness of the refinement process. By the end of Day 2, we had done it! A new marketing communications platform for our client had been created.

Since then, apart from a good night’s sleep and a few well deserved beverages for the bleary-eyed 48-hour team, it has been amazing to see the communications platform put into immediate effect on billboards, in print and on TV ads across the U.K.

They say we are living our lives at a faster pace than ever before. Well, to that we say, “We’re ready!” If your consumers are moving fast, then you — the brand — need to move faster.

And it looks like we’re the agency ready to set the pace.

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