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Consumer Collaboration Roundup: CMO Insights, Microsoft’s Co-Creation Strategy and More

In this week’s Consumer Collaboration Roundup we hear from CMOs at Hallmark, UPS and Verizon Wireless about their biggest insights. We also look into how Microsoft and Samsung are collaborating with consumers on new messaging and products, as well as uncover some tips for retailers on creating successful online communities.

Customer Experience Is Now The 5th Marketing ‘P’ … And Other Top CMO Insights
By: Robert Reiss, Forbes
CMO’s from Hallmark, UPS and Verizon Wireless sound off on global business trends, customer experience, data analytics & more.

Microsoft and consumers co-create ad formats
By: Rosie Baker, MarketingWeek
See how Microsoft has worked with consumers to co-create ad formats that the company says will be more engaging and provide better value than current online ads.

Samsung Home Appliances Cooks Up Global Collaboration with Visionary Chefs to Inspire a Home Life, Well-Lived
Yahoo! Finance
Samsung Electronics announced a global culinary initiative known as Samsung Club des Chefs, which brings together Michelin star-rated and visionary chefs from around the world to collaborate with Samsung to develop the next generation of premium home appliances that will revolutionize what consumers can accomplish in their kitchens.

Top tips for creating an online retail community
By: Phil Woodward, The Guardian
Discover how retailers can successfully create an online community that engages shoppers and boosts sales.

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