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Consumer Collaboration Roundup: Millennial Trends, Long-Term Consumer Relationships and Customer Experience

In this week’s Consumer Collaboration Roundup, we highlight the importance of collaborating with consumers to create long-term relationships, how Millennials are changing business interactions, and how organizations can create successful journeys for their customers. 

Brand Love for the Long Haul: Five Tips for Lasting Connections with Customers
By Christina Papale, MarketingProfs
Brands can create long-term relationships with consumers by spending quality time together, communicating effectively, creating emotional relevance and more.

7 Ways to Serve – and Keep – Millennial Customers
By Micah Solomon, “My Say” Blog at Forbes
Gather some truths about Gen Y expectations around customer service, and how they want to be treated in business interactions.

The Truth about Customer Experience
By Alex Rawson, Ewan Duncan and Conor Jones, Harvard Business Review
An in-depth look into four ways companies should embed customer journeys into their operating models: they must identify the journeys in which they need to excel, understand how they are currently performing in each, build cross-functional processes to redesign and support those journeys and introduce cultural change and continuous improvement to sustain the initiatives at-scale.


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