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All in a Day’s Work: Community Manager (Creating Insight Behind the Scenes, Part I)

A few weeks ago fellow blogger, Nora Tickell, introduced a series of posts about how Communispace works (and how explaining what it is that we do here can sometimes leave the listener with a blank stare of confusion) and what goes on behind the scenes. So here goes: a day in the life of a Communispace Community Manager, in layman’s ‘80s terms. Why? Why not – it’s only the best decade ever.

Listening and Learning in a Private Community (Romper Room for your Target Audience). Imagine you’re in a room (what we call a community) of about 300 people (members):

  • You’ve screened these folks before they enter to make sure you only have people in the room that you’re interested in talking to.
  • You can learn from them by giving them a topic to discuss or you could ask them to express their feelings on a topic by creating a collage.
  • You may even choose to send them out to a store, take a mobile in-the-moment survey, take photos of their daily lives and then come back to the room to discuss.

There really isn’t much that’s off-limits. Sometimes the most valuable thing you’ll learn is just observing what folks in the room are organically talking about. Have I mentioned that these folks are in this “room” all. the. time? That’s right, 24/7/365, holidays not excluded. And the best part is, they actually like being there (top secret: so do we!). As Community Managers at Communispace, we design activities that will be fruitful for our clients’ business needs and facilitate discussion around areas of discovery. We also observe what type of content the community is generating on their own and recommend which conversations could inspire future areas to dig into.

Uncovering Customer Insights (I Want a Golden ‘Nugget’ Nowwwww). Who doesn’t love a golden nugget? We love ‘em. Our clients love ‘em. Community Managers dig for them daily – insights, that is. There’s a big difference between summarizing market research findings and uncovering insights and only Community Managers can decode the difference. We’re not the only ones that can uncover insights, but as a group of highly intuitive researchers, we are good at it (and we think it is fun!). Now we’ve got all these nuggets, what to do with the nuggets?! We take them and create reports with a big emphasis on the story-telling and no emphasis on the boring. Community Managers use insights from the community to build compelling stories for our clients. We make recommendations on how these insights can be used to innovate products, inform marketing strategy, uncover trends that affect their business and well, just about anything that can make them be the best that they can be.

Brainstorming for Business Impact (The Jane Fonda Brain Workout): At Communispace, we love a good workout … for our brain!! Bad joke. No, but really, we live for brainstorming. As Community Managers, we’re frequently getting our teammates and other C-Spacers together to think about creative ways to approach research activities for our clients’ businesses. Community Managers lead the charge on brainstorming solutions for their clients’ research needs and proactively propose these ideas to our clients. We combine all of these great activity ideas and build something called a “strategic framework” that helps show how the insights from these activities will help deliver on a larger business/research objective.

So, there’s a glimpse into what a Community Manager at Communispace does from day to day. And as an added bonus, I hope you enjoyed the nostalgic ‘80s clips!

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