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All in a Day’s Work: Associate Community Manager (Creating Insights Behind the Scenes Part II)

As you may recall, fellow blogger Amanda Fraga recently let you inside the world of a Community Manager (or CM) here at Communispace (complete with some pretty awesome 80s references). Now it’s my turn to invite you inside a day in the life of an Associate Community Manager (or ACM), like myself. Like Amanda, I think it may be helpful to outline my role in layman’s terms, but this time we’re moving to one of my favorite decades: the 90s.

Spice up your life: Maintaining community vibrancy. One of the most important aspects of the ACM role is making sure that community members are actively engaged in the community. As Amanda previously described, a community is like having 300 people in a room together. My job as an Associate Community Manager is to make sure that everyone in the room is having a good time and understands what is being asked of them. While it may not always be as exciting as blasting the Spice Girls’ music to a giant roomful of people, we do try to keep it interesting! Every week we are coming up with new “community builds” to help create “social glue” in the community. Keeping members interested is a large part of keeping them engaged. That way, when our clients come to us with questions for the members, we are able to provide recommendations for how to get the most out of the community.

Brain Quest: Understanding the client’s industry. Our clients range from companies in retail to finance to the travel industry and beyond. Sometimes I wish I had a set of Brain Quest cards to keep myself up-to-date on everything that’s going on in each of the industries that I touch on day to day. Fortunately, through Google Alerts, Smart Briefs, CNN.com or simply talking to my peers, I am able to get a pretty good sense of what’s happening in each of my clients’ industries. I’ve found that one of the things that separates a good ACM from a great ACM is being fully engaged in learning about the client’s business.  I’ve never set foot in an economics class, but I have been able to make positive contributions to accounts with health care and finance teams, simply by educating myself on the client’s industry.

Vandelay Industries: Doing it all. Some days I feel like I could be running Vandelay Industries. (Okay, maybe not—but what would the 90s be without a Seinfeld reference?) Anyway, above all else, the ACM role is about support—supporting your team, supporting your clients and supporting community members. Every day, an ACM fields requests from a number of different people asking for a number of different things. Whether it’s a member asking for a new password or a client asking for community buzz, an ACM has to be on top of it all.

So, there you have it. Being an Associate Community Manager isn’t all glitz and glamour, but you do get to contribute to your teams in a meaningful way, day in and day out.

Bye bye bye for now. (I couldn’t resist!)

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