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Culture Committee Meets Culture Club

People often ask me (OK, well, no one has ever asked me this), “Brandan, what is it like also being the chairman of the Communispace Culture Committee on top of your regular job here?” To them I reply, “Aside from the fame, fortune and free t-shirts, it’s a job that really has one real purpose: to take people’s ideas of fun and entertainment and to make them a reality (without breaking any laws, bones or office furniture).” With a job like that, you can just imagine all the things we’re allowed to do…


First, there’s the Annual Communispace Beard Off . While, ironically, the real point of the Beard Off is to put as much beard on your face as possible, it has traditionally been a seasonal exhibition of creativity for the “follicly”-fortunate among us. Some of the most notable beard designs from the last competition included the “walrus” and the “Civil War general”.


Our first annual Communispace Follies —a music variety show written, produced, and preformed by Communispace employees—opened to a packed house this past October. Scripts were forgotten, dignity was lost, and the night ended in triumph. Plus, there was that whole thing about fur boas…Let’s just say the hallways of the office were strangely quiet the day after.


I don’t know what was most surprising about our recent 80s Day: the fact that people just “happened to find” their leg warmers, that people had Boy George and Culture Club as their computer wallpaper, or that they posed for pictures for a good ten minutes (see picture).


I could go on to tell you about the Pumpkin Carving Contest, the Holiday Bake-Off, and the Summer Bocce tournament, but I should probably leave some of those things for the other 10 people that make up the Culture Committee to describe. Instead, I’ll just end by saying this: I don’t know how we get away with half of this stuff…


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